Training for the Trek

In exactly 6 months from today, on April 16, 2015, I will be on my way to the North Pole. Please help me to spread the word about my trek by clicking “Share” of this post on your timeline. and asking 6 people to “Like” my page too.
October 10
3 tires wall
Pure elation! After Wednesday’s apparent 2-tire failure, I NAILED the 3 tires this morning! I pulled those buddies all the way up the hill past the gym to the crest of the hill and over, stopping briefly for water, then turned around and back down the hill, around the gym building and back to the front. It was considerably less effort than before. PROGRESS!
October 9
jacobs ladder
Yay! Met my own challenge today: to work out on the Jacob’s Ladder for a full 15 minutes today! That’s a 50% increase over my usual 10min. Nooooooo, that’s not me. Not yet! Thank you to Taia Lockhart, who told me today that she is proud of me. That meant a lot. Uh, 3-tire day tomorrow. Wish me a good night’s sleep. 


October 8
2 tires
It’s a 2-tire day today. And not my best performance. I set a goal to pull the 2 tires a longer distance than the last 2-tire day, without stopping. Ughhhhh. I went no further this morning and I stopped about 20 times. Not exaggerating. How can pulling the same 2 tires the exact same route be so different on different days? Coaches Vince and Tom assured me that some days are just like that. I got myself through the route by repeating “this is nothing”, meaning that this is nothing compared to how it will be on the expedition. Sighhh


October 5


It’s a 1-tire day today. Good thing, since I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain this a.m. By this evening I was good to go.
I set a goal of pulling the one tire as fast as possible, for 30min. That’s a 50% increase over the previous 20min.
I just want to see a reasonable increase with every pull. So far I am accomplishing that!

October 4


My project is certified RAD by Bob’s Cycles of Fair Oaks! Stopped in today to pick up some safety equipment for pulling tires in the dark, as we are losing daylight so much sooner. Explained my project to the sales rep, what I needed the reflective vest and flashing lights for. “Wow, that’s RAD” he says

October 3

Oohhhhhhh no, a 3-tire day. That’s 75lbs total. Plus the friction of the pavement. I went around the gym building a couple of times, plus some extra distance around the parking lot. Still a struggle. This is the tire pull I want to conquer more than the 1-tire or 2-tire routines. When I can pull 3 with much less effort, for much more distance, I’ll be so much closer to being ready for that 90lb sled.

October 2

Working in Redding today and tomorrow, so got up at 3am to be at the gym for the 4am opening. Short board today, so done by 5:30. Better than depending on my discipline to work out tonight out of town. Love that toned feeling!

October 1

Good workout this am, including the TGU, or what I like to call the Turkish GET DOWN! Today was a single tire day. I pulled for 20min as fast as I could. I don’t use the ski poles for a single tire, and I was able to transfer the end of the rope from one hand to the other so that I could take sips of water without having to stop. It’s my first pull with NO stops!

September 30

Yesterday’s heavy cardio day did me in. Today I had to take a rest from working out. Back to the grind tomorrow, training to close the endurance gap!

September 29

2 tires today around the industrial park. Pulled steadily at a modest pace with a few water breaks. 45-50 minutes, AFTER 10 min on Jacobs Ladder. Super cardio day! And THEN I had to complete the workout on the board.

September 28

Revised training schedule: 3 tires yesterday means NO tire pulling today. NOT! Felt great after boot camp, and had an hour to spare before cheering for my friends at the gym’s strength challenge. Could not resist unloading just 1 “little” tire from the car. Pulled at a fast pace for 30 minutes, including an incline, through the industrial park around the gym. So happy to get the additional cardio! — at Mini’s House of Pain.

September 27


Annual strength competition this morning at Mini’s House of Pain, after boot camp. Outstanding performances by about 25 clients, and great job by the coaching staff to create a venue for sharing energy and encouragement! — at Mini’s House of Pain.

September 26

3 tires

Tire pulling schedule is 3 tires today, for the first time. 75 lbs. That’s 50% more than 50 lbs, and felt like 500% more weight! I didn’t go more than a couple of blocks, but I did manage to pull up an incline. Mastering the tire pulling is vital prep for pulling sleds to the North Pole.

 September 25

Pushed my personal best this morning – 345lbs!

September 24

Long and productive meeting with Owner/ Head Coach Vince Mini today. He made adjustments to my food plan and training schedule. One big change involves the tire pulling. Instead of a steady increase in the weight of the tires, I will pull 1 tire as fast as possible, then 3 tires (IF possible!) 2 days later, then 2 tires, etc. This revised plan will avoid conditioning my muscles to just pulling slowly. On the ice, there will be opportunities to go faster on long expanses of smooth ice.

September 20

north pole 3

Missed Mini’s House of Pain boot camp. Needed the extra sleep. Later at the gym:
Personal best sled push of 335lbs. And best of all was congratulating Chase on his PB of 750lbs!!!
THEN Coach Hammer had me pull two tires up the hill in front of the gym, back down and around the building. The hill was not easy. THEN high school freshman Luigi asks to try the tires. I hook him up to the leads and he RUNS up the hill and around the building. RUNS! Grrrrrr

September 14

Shannon’s personal Sunday morning boot camp!
1 lap around the field.
4 laps with 50lbs of tires.
Why does the field seem tilted only UP, all the way around??? Is that geometrically possible?

As I pulled my tires near a group of soccer teams practicing on the field, one young lady, maybe 10yrs old, called out to me “You go girl!”. Look who’s talking! Now THAT’s inspiration! — at Promontory Community Park.

mimi house of pain

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